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August 12, 2016 Sound Vitality

I live in an apartment complex where there are quite a few people with health problems and in fact I became ill within a couple weeks of moving in about 4 years ago.  Many of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the years have baffled my doctors and they’ve been unable to provide help or answers. I began seeing a wonderful couple who provide natural health care some time ago and in the last few weeks we have discovered that most, if not all of my symptoms can most likely be attributed to the effects of living within a short distance of a large electrical sub-station.

During my last appointment, Jason introduced me to the Vital Harmony Pendant. As he began telling me what this little necklace can do I was pretty skeptical. It sounded a bit ‘woo-woo’ and too good to be true. But, because he could tell me about the scientific testing backing it up and because I was ready to try just about anything I kept open-minded about it. He loaned it to me and I wore it home.

I didn’t really feel anything at first but as I was driving home, when I got within range of the electrical sub-station, the pendant gave me tingling effects on my chest. I felt a slight buzzing from the pendant and through my body for a few hours before that settled down and I didn’t feel anything more. And I didn’t think I was going to feel anything more because I had been wearing the pendant day & night (apart from showers) for a couple of days.

A few nights in I decided I wanted to see what it would be like to take the necklace off and WOW! So many symptoms returned within minutes and that’s when I knew what the pendant was doing for me. It is relieving muscle cramps, numbness in my face and along my arms and legs, pressure in my sinuses, stomach pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and brain fog. The feeling of a current running through my body and feeling like I’m being shocked inside and out has lessened and I’m better able to use touch-technology devices when I wear the pendant.  The list of improvements could go on and on.

The Vital Harmony Pendant won’t make it so I don’t have to move to a cleaner EMF environment, but it is so much more powerful than I ever expected. This pendant is giving me enough space in my being to be able to make the healthy changes in environment I need. It is giving me relief and peace and I’m so very grateful for the work Sound Vitality is doing.

-L. Fiske, Oregon

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